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Aquadapt Aquaseals

 Aquarius Pipe Flashings

Aquadapt Aquaseals

 Aquarius Roof Seals South Africa

Welcome to Aquarius Pipe Flashing Roof Seals South Africa.

Aquarius Roof Seals South Africa supplies and distributes moulded black EPDM and high heat red Silicone rubber pipe flashing seals for roofs, walls and floors to the building, heating, Solar, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and antenna industries in South Africa.

It is our goal to improve efficiency and effectiveness of sealing any projection through any surface saving our clients time and money through simplifying installations and by reducing call-backs. No more messing of sealant paint on roofs just providing an easy professional finish that will last.

Even existing installations can be re-sealed effectively with Aquadapt.

Aquarius Rubber consistently refine their product to combine superior quality, functional design, time and cost saving benefits for their customers.

Dealer and retail opportunities are available!!!

 Roof Seals South Africa
Aquadapt Roof Seals  Aquarius Pipe Flashings Roof Seals South Africa Aquadapt Roof Seals